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The Lute Society: The leading society for all things lute.

West Dean College: Course in making Early Instruments

Manzano Estucheria: Spanish case make

Kingham MTM Case Co. Ltd.: Made to measure instrument cases.

Pantagreul: Excellent early music group where you can also download tabulature.

Jamie Akers: Player and teacher.

Andrew Maginley: Player and teacher.

Renovata Cythera: The Renaissance cittern site.

Aqula Corde Armoniche:   Early music strings.

Bridgewood & Neitzert: Violins and Lute strings.

David Dyke Luthier Supplies: Tonewood & Luthier supplies.

Timberline: Exotic timbers.

Gamut Musical Strings. Early music strings

Hammerl GmbH & Co. Varnishes & varnishing equipment.

Touchstone Tonewoods. Luthier supplies

Arngeir Huaksson: Player & teacher, Wyrewood & Bardos band

Taro Takeuchi: Player & teacher

Malcom Rose Wire: Maker of 'Period' wire for strings

Timo Peedu: Player

A Merrie Noyse: Mediaeval Musical Performers & Re-enactors