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Wire Strung

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Prices From:


4 Course (small)  Constructed                 £2200

4 Course (Large)  Constructed                 £2400

6 Course  Constructed                                  £2600

Carved from solid add £300 to above prices.

Carved heads from £280

Purfling from £180


6 Course                    £3200

9 Course                    £3600

Carved heads from £350

Purfling from  £190


Bandora in A               £3800

Bandora in D               £3600

Carved heads from £350

Purfling from £210

The prices shown are a guide only. The final price of the instrument will depend on : Model, decoration, woods and additional decoration.

All instruments come with nylon/pyramid wound strings as standard other strings are available but may be subject to additional cost.

Prices Do Not include case or shipping.

For more accurate prices please contact me directly.

Waiting times are variable, so please contact me for approximate current waiting time.

To confirm an order and a place on my waiting list a deposit of 15% of the instrument price must be made.

2 Bandoras back - Copy.jpg Carved heads.jpg